11.1.02 - 5.13.03

You are my Grace E Girl
And I tell the whole wide world
About my pretty little girl

I got to see you every day
And you smile in your special way
Oh I love me Grace E Girl

You looked at me as if to say
Hey Daddy I will be okay
She is my brave Grace E Girl

Each and every day
We'd bow our heads and prayed
Oh how Jesus loves my girl

Now it's time to say good night
Until daddy wakes with heaven's light
I will dream of my Grace E Girl.

What We Have

Our Sweet Pea

Our Inspiration!

Learned from Grace

                       To be brave

                       To be strong

              To put up afight

                           To value your health

                     To be thankful for family

                        To appreciate the little things in life

                             Cherish each and every day

                           To pray often

                            A smile can brighten one's day

                           To give yourself to others

The importance of friendship

            Children are gifts from God

       A child's love is eternal

                   To have faith


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‚ÄčOur daughter Grace was only with us for a short time, but it is amazing what we have learned from her. Of all the things that she taught us, none was more important than love. A love that can not be described, but only felt in the depths of our hearts. We are fortunate, because that love is something that will always be with us. Grace was not only God's blessing to us, but also to everyone who has known her. She has taught all of us that we should never give up because, regardless of what is happening in our lives, love is what makes every day special. 

Being a parent is a privilege that many take for granted--it is truly an honor to carry the title of Grace's "Mommy" and "Daddy." Grace has made us proud parents and her life has made us better people. Our lives are now devoted to making our daughter proud of us as she looks down from heaven on us every day.

We have a family motto that we adopted while we were dating: The best is yet to come. Each day of our lives is a celebration that we must cherish. And now that we have a little saint watching down on us, our lives must be filled with goodness in anticipation of the day we will be with her again.   

"Grace finds goodness in everything."   Thank you, Grace!

Grace Elizabeth Letherman - "God's Blessing"

Daddy's Song